How to Get your Students’ Attention

So, you are a new teacher and you would like to know how to get your students’ attention. Recently, I discovered that there are also non-violent ways of making students listen to you. Here are my top 10.

Candy that will quieten your students
  1. Throw candy towards the students
  2. Stand on a chair holding a banana
  3. Slurp your coffee very loudly
  4. Start catching up with you sleep (maybe also snore….zzzzzz)
  5. Tell them that you are a vampire
  6. Say, “Who wants 50Euro?”
  7. Show a cleaning ears video
  8. Scratch a fork across a plate 10 times very, very slowly
  9. Show top ten ugliest animals video
  10. Sit next to a student and start complaining about the teacher
  11. (one extra) start whispering, “let it go” and get progressively louder and louder until you are a full voice
Scraping a fork will silence those chatty students

These are my personal top 10 favourite strategies. Please leave a comment below to let me know if you tried them. There will be a student giveaway next week for the best comment. Try these out NOW!

Do Athletes Deserve Multi-Million dollar Salaries?

In my opinion, a small selection of top athletes are overpaid and do not deserve multi-million dollar salaries.

relay-race-655353_1920 (1).jpg

How is it possible that some professional athletes earn more money than firefighters, teachers, police and even surgeons? Professions with high levels of responsibility and danger such as with salaries of less than 100,000 Euro/year don’t even come close to the ridiculous salaries of some top soccer or basketball players.

Athletes have a terrible reputation for spending their money on dumb and unnecessary items, while there is extreme poverty around the world. For example, Mike Tyson spent $2,000,000 on a bathtub, Scottie Pippin spent $4.3 million on a Gulfstream jet and Christiano Ronaldo has spent over $5 million dollars on cars.

A Very, Very Short History of Blogging

Blogs first appeared in 1994 when Justin Hall created a record of his thoughts and favourite links on This first blog was only shared with his friends and family and was quite personal. Early blogs that followed were also quite personal and only people that knew where to find them could read them easily. While these early blogs allowed people to publish quickly and easily, they did not offer many options for changing the look or layout of the blog.


In 1998, professional journalists set up blogs to report news quickly. This changed the purpose of blogs and had a significant impact on the evolution of blogging. The following year, the term “blog” was used for the first time by Peter Merholz. The arrival of advertising to blogs and the expansion of blogging and free blogging platforms led to “blog” being labelled the word of the year in 2004.

Blogs are now used by professional and amateur writers to communicate for many different reasons. Further, blogs are read by millions of people and an extremely accessible manner of learning new information.